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Black Sugar Paste

Holiday Black Sugar is the fifth Sugar Paste formulation.
It is an innovative product, which can be used not only for hair removal treatments anywhere on the body but also for a specific facial treatment.
Like the other formulations, Holiday Black Sugar consists only of water and sugar, with the addition in this case of vegetable charcoal, which helps to give the product its distinctive black colour.
Vegetable charcoal is not just a natural colouring; it is often used in cosmetics due to the special properties this natural ingredient provides.
Vegetable charcoal is a natural antibacterial and antimycotic agent and is also an excellent skin cleansing aid.
Holiday Black Sugar is a completely natural, hypo-allergenic product, without fragrances or preservatives. It penetrates the hair follicle and grips even the shortest hairs by the roots.
Black Sugar is able to remove all skin impurities and the hated blackheads thanks to the synergistic action of sugar and activated vegetable charcoal, which enables the product to reach deep down and draw impurities to the surface.




800 ml