At Holiday, we still believe that quality brings rewards, and is the best way to win customers' loyalty, and that satisfaction is better than the raw numbers of end-of-year balance sheets.

All the same, there is one number we like to remember: it is 1975, the year when Vincenzo Vizzini chose to focus on hair removal as the basis for a business in the world of cosmetics, which was not destined to appreciate the importance of this sector for several years to come. Since then, new technologies, new quality controls and new product ranges have been developed but our company’s enthusiasm has remained undimmed. Since 2005 we have been a limited-liability company, operating from its own premises, producing products popular in more than 30 countries all over the world. Our horizons do not stop here, however, and our continuous development of new products, new technologies and ever-higher quality levels is the proof of our commitment, and should assure us a future of growth from every point of view.

In the final analysis, we are a dynamic company always ready to accept new challenges, happy to consider all the ideas and proposals of our customers and associates.


Hair removal “World”
Holiday Depilatori offers an extremely wide array of products, to cover every phase of hair removal treatment; a “world” we know very well. Waxes, hair removal strips, pre-wax and retardant lotions, post-wax and massage oils, wax heaters, cartridge heaters, paraffins and accessories.

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